Friday, January 8, 2010


I am moving my blog to a new address. The over all look of it is still in the works, but from now on i will be doing all of my posts over there. I just felt that I couldn't show my photos as large as I would like them to be on screen on this blog. I hope to see you all there...
you can also access it from my website by clicking on BLOG


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Parents Backyard...

TMax 100 Black and White, Summer 1997

Posts are going to start going crazy around here. I have been busy scanning my little heart out. I started at 7.30 this morning and have already done 3 rolls today alone. That makes 11 scanned and a few thousand left to go. This one is only from roll 4 or 5 though. I hope you guys are enjoying my flash back to my early years of photography. Its a long long road to catch up with todays rolls...

More Yearbook Camp 1997

Apparently I liked taking bike photos even when I was 16. I took a photo of this one because it had a purple octopus on its back rim. All of these were taken with TMax 100 Black and White at OSU summer 1997.

A few different angles of a statue I liked on campus.

Other students at camp developing their rolls in the dark room.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Yearbook Camp . Summer 1997

So yes, I was a super dork in high school. I was head photographer of our yearbook my Junior and Senior year and the summer before Senior year our yearbook advisor sent me and the editor, Stephanie Hughes to a week long Yearbook Camp at OSU. It was a little more fun than it sounds, mainly for me because I didn't have to sit through all of the lectures and workshops and such, the rest of the photographers from other schools got to wander and round and take photos and play in the darkroom most of the days. We also had an assignment before showing up to camp, to take a roll of film so we had something to develop on our first day. I took a few photos in our backyard and then went for a hike in the woods behind my parents house in Camas with my dog Maggie. Since I only had TMax 100 film and the trail was quite dark with over growth, most of the photos didn't turn out in the slightest, but this one was always my favorite of the group [even though its blurry].

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone has been enjoying the winter holidays. Here in Portland we actually got a few fantastic hours of snow and I am keeping my fingers crossed for a few more days worth. It may be cold, but it has been quite a lovely winter so far. I am hoping for a good 2010, normally I don't participate in the whole New Years Resolution thing, but seeing as I am turning 30 this year, I have all kinds of plans for life and for my business.

2. Organize, sleeve, arrange by date from oldest to newest and scan in all of my negatives.
3. New Website
4. Have a logo designed
5. Put together a Art Gallery portfolio and resume.
6. Put together a Wholesale catalog
7. Apply for all Renegade Art Fairs, One of a Kind shows and the POOL trade show in Vegas
8. Start booking Weddings and Portraits in other big cities

2. Ride my bike more
3. Go on more hikes
5. Hang out with friends more
6. Take a day off of working at least once a week.
7. Eat more veggies


I am also going to make it a point to do more blog posts and be consistent about it. One of my weekly posts this year is going to be sharing my archiving progress with you. I have already gone through and sleeved and organized by date all of my negatives, which by the way is a lot and took for freakin ever! The first ones I want to share are my VERY FIRST roll of film ever taken back when I was a Sophomore in High School, Spring of 1996 and taken with TMax 100 Black and White, with my Minolta X570 manual camera.

Don't judge me to harshly, keep in mind I was only 15 and had no clue how to use my camera yet. My parents have the first image framed and signed on their mantel, it was the first image I ever printed in the dark room. Maybe it will be worth something some day! ; )

Monday, December 14, 2009


Well, not quite what I expected. Ive been trying out some new film [new to me], I think I might just have to stick with my normal film. I'm not all that big on the reds I get from Cross-processing it. But it works with graveyard photos. You can check out the rest of them on my flickr page. I took these the day after Halloween at the Lone Fir Cemetery in SE Portland.

On to the next...

I've got just a little bit of oil left in the candle...

Crafty Wonderland was GREAT yesterday, but now its on to the next. This Thursday in Portland, a Holiday Art and Gift Sale at JAM on Hawthorne from 5-9pm. Then it is off to San Francisco for the weekend for the 1st annual Renegade Holiday Event. I wish I could stay longer than just for the show, but its my last event and last over all work of the entire year and even though I am very excited for the show, I will be very happy to have about a week and a half off of work.

I am really hoping for some snow, but not until December 24th. I need to be able to finish up my art events and all of my out of town friends need to be able to fly home to Portland so that if anyone gets stranded, its here with me! : )

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